About Us

Welcome to Bayston Hill Methodist Church!

You will find us on Lansdowne Road in Bayston Hill

(on the  corner of Lansdowne Road & Green Lane).

Who We Are

The present Methodist congregation at Bayston Hill was formed in 2010 by the uniting of an existing congregation in Bayston Hill with the majority of a congregation from St. John’s Hill Methodist Church (Shrewsbury Town Centre).  We have the shared desire of seeking the right vision and programme for developing our presence as a church in Bayaston Hill, which is growing out of continuing prayer and conversation.

What We Believe

The priority for Bayston Hill Methodist Church is to be a channel of God’s love for all the people of our community, and to be a place where all are invited to join with us in the worship of Almighty God and a seeking after His Kingdom.

We believe this can be achieved through a deepening understanding of what God is doing in each of our lives as we share in God-centred worship and through our fellowship in the Spirit.

We also seek to share with others in as many ways as possible the ministry of Jesus in proclaiming God’s Good News and showing the love of Jesus in ways that express our concern and compassion for those in need both locally and as part of the world-wide Methodist mission.

Form of Worship

We are very much a Methodist congregation, at the centre of which is worship.

At the present time our Sunday congregation is predominantly made up of older people, but it is one that welcomes innovation and experiment, as opportunity allows. Built on a spirituality that is sometimes described as ‘traditional’, or ‘formal’, we are also keen to find opportunities for people to explore worship in less formal styles and even contemporary worship at times, more accessible to younger people and at different times during the week.

In contrast to Sunday mornings our “Praise & Play” ‘congregation’ which meets twice monthly on a Wednesday morning is largely made up of young Mums and their babies and toddlers.

We look to God to guide us into a way of worship and spirituality that can embrace people of all ages and experiences, acknowledging that every person develops his or her own way of offering meaningful and sincere worship and should be able to do so within the common life of the Church.

Other activities

Outside of worship we encourage deepening discipleship by providing opportunity for Bible study, prayer, and Christian conversation through a number of house-groups, study groups, and formal fellowship meetings.
Such things are already established within our church programme, and in the near future we are hoping to extend the programme by exploring other kinds of groups that will be open to any who want to share fellowship or go further in their faith journey.

In our concern for the community as a whole, our premises are offered for the use of various groups. Among those who benefit from using our premises there are art and craft groups (an art group led by members of the church),  and other groups with interests such as keeping fit and music.  We are pleased to allow the community to feel at home in our building and from time to time share in common events.

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